Dependency injection

All of the packages installed via Composer loaded automatically. Therefore, when you want to inject a dependency on the container, there is no additional operation. You can inject a dependency like the following example.

$container['samplePackage'] = function() {
    $samplePackageRef = new samplePackage();
    return $samplePackageRef;

If you prepared a core file and want to inject to the container, firstly you should include this file app/core/autoload.php or app/core/dependencies.php file.

require_once DIR_CORE . '/samplePackage.php';
Using dependencies on the Controller and Model

You can use dependencies on the controller and model layers. But, you should add the following code to the top of your file.

use SlimFacades\Container;

You can call any functions from the dependency like the following example.

$sampleData = Container::get('samplePackage')->sampleFunction();